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Premiere source for your company's needs.

Misson Statement

To help clients save both time and money while helping to satisfy all of their electronic/computer purchasing and needs. To help clients save both time and money on helping them improve their Supply Chain processes.

Success in business requires inspiration, innovation, and commitment. Because we understand the value of enduring client/distributor relationships, you'll find all of these and more at DF Consulting.


DF Consulting is a leading independent electronic component distributor of semis, passives, PCB's and more. We will help you locate the hard-to-find, obsolete and allocated products. We have access to millions of products worldwide through our network of global trading partners. Our staff is specially trained in global logistics to get you the products you need when you need them. DF Consulting also offers the following services: board designs/modifications; subcontracting and DFM review.


DF Consulting provides many avenues of solutions for your computer needs. Wether it be systems, hardware, cables, software, DF Consulting will help in sourcing these products for you.


DF Consulting has an expanded knowledge in Supply Chain Management. If your company requires assistance in improving your infrastructure, DF Consulting can help you move into the next level.

DF Consulting is founded on the principles of an excellent Supply Chain knowledge in Electronics, and Computers. We strive to give you the best possible service in the electronics and computer sourcing industry. DF Consulting offers competitive prices and timely delivery on a wide variety of products. Experience the difference of an independent distributor that can find the right electronics or computer parts the first time. Contact our sales department to get a live person who will remember your name and source the right parts for your business. If we can't fill your electronics needs, the components are not available.

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