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About DF Consulting

Based in BC Canada, DF Consulting has been in business since 2002. DF Consulting supplies electronic/computer components to OEMs, CEMs, and other high tech firms. Our staff of experienced professionals can help you find the part you are looking for and provide delivery when you need it. DF Consulting also provides consulting in the Supply Chain area.

DF Consulting's strongest manufacturer lines include many of the top companies in the world. As an independent electronics distributor, we are not limited to these lines or the associated lead times often involved through franchised channels. Our extensive business relationships guarantee that we can get your part when you need it.

Our mission

To help clients save both time and money while helping to satisfy all of their electronic/computer purchasing and needs. To help clients save both time and money on helping them improve their Supply Chain processes.

Success in business requires inspiration, innovation, and commitment. Because we understand the value of enduring client/distributor relationships, you'll find all of these and more at DF Consulting.


DF Consulting
4575 Venables St.
Burnaby, BC
V5C 3A1